The victory of „NO“ escalates our fight!

The victory of „NO“ escalates our fight!

(Erklärung von „solidarity for all“)
We shall not succumb to the asphyxiation of the Greek people!
Support the grassroots social solidarity structures!

Dear friends
We would like wholeheartedly to thank you for your touching solidarity and the high levels of mobilisation that did not leave the Greek people, not even a minute, alone in the fight against the blackmails, lies and terror.
The victory of NO has sent a clear and defiant message altering the landscape of our common struggles. Those who pillage our lives and ignore the will of the people cannot ignore us any more.
Now, either they listen to us or they stay naked of any “democratic” disguises may yet carry, revealing their true nature and interests.
The next day brings a further escalation of the confrontation with the creditors and their political gangs and we do not expect them to back down easily. We know only too well that we deal with conditions of a developing economic and social war and we have to fight fierce battles together.
The grassroots solidarity movement already prepares for the next round of resistance in the difficult ground of imposed capital controls, financial straggling, further recession and humanitarian crisis.
We ask you now, more than ever, to stand by our side, by the side of the Greek society by developing as soon as possible concrete and material solidarity campaigns.
Donations and crowd funding campaigns for food and medical aid, personal hygiene goods, baby formula, diapers and stationary, are among the most pressing needs. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need more information and/or ideas.
The ability of Greek people to live with dignity is fundamental in order to counter the enforced asphyxiation and maintain its courage and resistance.
Together we can materialise the decisive NO of the Greek people as the big YES was for a different society in another Europe.

Solidarity for All

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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